I Like The Way You Work It

When I first started making macarons almost 3 years ago it was trial and error. I tried recipe after recipe in search of the perfect batch of macs. There are so many variables that can affect the end result - ingredients, humidity, baking temperature, technique... and the list goes on. The key is finding a recipe that works for you. There are plenty of blogs that give amazing troubleshooting tips and recipes already... so lets talk about something else: TOOLS.

Besides using the highest quality ingredients available, perfecting your macronage technique and learning your oven, the tools you use can also come into play.

When I am whipping up a batch of macs, I'm usually making a lot. Macaron batter is thick and when you are delicately folding that beautiful meringue perfection into your almond flour the last thing you need is a wimpy spatula. I cannot tell you how many times I have broken the handle... is it the end of the world? No, but it sure is frustrating. So today I am sharing my 3 top spatula picks!

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1. Williams Sonoma's silicone spatula is by far my absolute favorite. The construction is high quality and the stainless steel handle is comfortable to hold when working with the batter. The silicone head is rigid enough to fold the batter but still offers nice flexibility and as an added bonus - dishwasher safe.

2. Le Creuset's Revolution spatula is another great option. The head has a dual sided blade which makes cutting through the batter easier and the curves of the wooden handle allow for added comfort while you work. The head is dishwasher safe and is removable but the wood handle is hand wash - I find over time when the heads are removable on ANY spatula they can work their way loose during the macronage phase.

3. Sur La Table also knocks it out of the park with their Flex-Core spatula. The nylon core allows for a rigid spatula that can hold up to thick batters and the asymmetrical design of the head is perfect for folding in your meringue. I also really like the stainless steel handle with the ergonomic design for comfort and this guy is also dishwasher safe!

I highly recommend investing in a good spatula for your macaron making. It definitely will avoid a few choice words and a sticky mess.

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